2019 Candidates

Thursday 2nd May, was Polling Day, and was the first opportunity to elect Green Councillors to the new Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council.  

Congratulations to Simon Bull, formerly the only Green Councillor on BCP Council, who has been re-elected, together with Chris Rigby.  The first two councillors elected were Winton East Greens Simon Bull and Chris Rigby by a landslide 1,385 and 1,198 votes respectively; Tory Pat Oakley in third had 468.

Simon has worked hard in his ward and has shown how a Green Party Councillor can really represent residents' interests and views.  He holds monthly surgeries where residents can discuss their concerns with him, and has brought their issues to Council meetings, where he has achieved many successes for them.

There were Green candidates standing in most of the wards, and details are below. The list is organised alphabetically by ward name.

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We have 28 valid candidates for the BCP Council election:

Bearwood & Merley - Simon Riggs

Simon is a committed Green Party member and, if elected, would work conscientiously to represent the views of local residents.

Boscombe East & Pokesdown - Susan Chapman

Soo ChapmanSusan Chapman is a retired teacher who moved to Bournemouth in 2005 with her late husband and was horrified to see so little interest in protecting either vulnerable humans or Mother Nature. Despite years of campaigning with Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Poole Agenda 21 and the Green Party and despite many deputations and questions to Bournemouth Borough Council over the years it had seemed as if little progress was being made.

Policy-making at every level; from her local Neighbourhood Plans to poor international decision-making has come under scrutiny. She took a chocolate teapot to the Inspectorate conversations regarding the Poole Core Strategy and spoke up both there and at every one of the Navitus public discussions possible, including conversations at Cowes. These were held not far from the Vestas blades factory which makes magnificent, ground-breaking, 80 metre blades; exported globally but not to the advantage of the locals.

Susan says, " It is wonderful that at last Extinction Rebellion are drawing attention to our terrifying ecological crises and that a 16 year-old schoolgirl is showing world leaders and our own disconnected representatives what climate leadership looks like. Our local YouthStrike4Climate deserve the Climate Emergency response they and 394 signatories requested at Bournemouth Town Hall on 12th April 2019. The young people want wind farms not oil rigs and a future that promises harvests and fresh water, not dead soils and absent species, including pollinators.

"Solutions - from gigafactories to Transition Town policies - are now to hand and must be implemented without delay on a badly compromised planet. Time is of the essence if we are not to trigger runaway climate change.

"At the same time we must up our game on looking after each other."

Susan's husband died from Motor Neurone Disease in 2012 and she feels more investment in social services as well as community engagement is needed. Whatever our many human problems, be they addiction, disability, disadvantage, homelessness, poverty; is long overdue. A better system is needed and a Citizens' Assembly can help with the process as it has done so successfully in Ireland.

Boscombe West - Anne Cassells

Anne CassellsI am a local lady who has been involved with the Green Party for many years. I am passionate about the environment and want to see more Green initiatives take place.

There is a community fridge in Boscombe Library which I volunteer with other locals to maintain; this saves unwanted food going to landfill and also feeds people.

I would like to support our local residents in starting new ethical projects of which there are many.

With the impending climate emergency we need more trees around and I will be starting a project to start planting and also encourage community food growing co-operatives.



Bournemouth Central - Sarah Bedford

Sarah BedfordA second generation Bournemouthan, Sarah was born and educated in Bournemouth and has lived here, with her family, for nearly 50 years. She has worked in Central Bournemouth, from Lansdowne to the Triangle, for a total of 15 years since 1997. 

A librarian (MA) with a science degree (BSc) she has mainly worked in the public and academic sectors, but has also had retail, catering, tourism, leisure, arts, website and IT jobs.

She has been involved with green and progressive groups and issues since the 1980s; for example, most recently, campaigning against the pollution risk, especially to Studland Bay seahorses, from the oil rig in Poole Bay, and a few years ago for the Navitus Bay wind farm.  Last year she campaigned against the development of green belt land and a conservation area, and demolition of a heritage building at Wessex Fields. Sarah attended the Green Party Conference in 2015 when it was held at Bournemouth BIC. As well as protesting, Sarah is an active campaigner online and using social media. 

Sarah is particularly interested in green transport, energy, water, and nature issues. 

She enjoys cycling, and swimming (from the beach in the sea in the summer), and scientific and cultural events at places like Bournemouth Library, Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Pavilion Dance SW, and BH2 Odeon, and attends the Arts By The Sea Festival in and around Bournemouth Central Gardens each year. 

Burton & Grange - Ben Pantling

Ben is comitted to Green Party ideals and would welcome the opportunity to hold the council to account on social justice and environmental issues.

Canford Heath - Andrew Hawkins

Andrew HawkinsAndrew says "I've lived around Bournemouth and Poole most of my life, and Im currently nearby in Rossmore.

"In my spare time I’m a first aider with St John, avid cyclist, writer and gamer, I like helping people and getting to the root of problems.

"If elected I would like to put aside a few days to work my way around on foot, get some exercise and find out what issues people are most concerned by, because I can’t represent people unless I talk to them and I’m aware most people don’t interact much with their local councilers.

"My priorities would be preserving the local green spaces, improving cycle routes, increased vigilance against fly tippers and helping to unify the disparate recycling schemes across the Poole and Dorset area to make recycling easier for everybody."   

Christchurch Town - Stephen Docherty

Stephen DochertyStephen Docherty is a Christchurch resident, having lived here all his life.  He meets a lot of local people in the course of his involvement with artistic and musical events, such as CADarts and Stomping on the Quomps.  

As a Green Party candidate, he would not be whipped, and would therefore be truly able to represent the wishes of the residents.   

If elected, he would focus on preserving the 700 year history and heritage of the Borough, campaigning to keep venues open for community purposes, and seek funding from the new BCP Council for local organisations and events.  

High on his agenda are localism, social fairness, and the environment.  He would press for more cycle paths in the town centre, and for community involvement in keeping the town clean and safe.

Creekmoor - Wayland Goodliffe

Wayland is a long-standing member of the local Green Party and would work hard to ensure the council take note of climate emergency issues in all their decisions.

East Cliff & Springbourne - Frank Miles

Frank MilesFrank is looking forward to standing and enjoying having an opportunity to promote the values of the Green Party, more important now than ever before.













East Southbourne & Tuckton - Jane Bull

Jane BullJane has lived in Bournemouth since she was two years old.

She is married to Councillor Simon Bull and has four children. She has worked for the NHS but now is a full time carer for their autistic daughter and treasurer for the Winton Forum.









Hamworthy - Ian Hay

Ian has been a mainstay of the local Green Party for many years, during which time he has worked conscientiously as Election Agent.  He is highly respected, has a thorough working knowledge of the local area and is well attuned to local concerns.

Kinson - Carla Gregory-May

Carla Gregory MayCarla lives with her family in Kinson and is actively involved inthe local community. Through innovative fundraising she helped raise £9000 for the PTFA at her son's school, and would like to put her creative skills to good use across the ward through community led projects.

"We need more social housing and rent caps for private properties, and an end to the bedroom tax which hits the poorest in our country."




Littledown & Iford - David Ball

David has been a Green Party member for several years and, if elected, would keep the council up to speed on issues such as the climate emergency and air quality.

• Moordown - Kate Bisson and Joe Salmon

Kate BissonAs a long-standing Green Party activist and a Moordown resident, Kate is standing for election to the new BCP Council because she wants to look after our beautiful local area and protect its services and facilities. If elected, she would work hard for the residents of Moordown and the wider area, and provide a necessary challenge to and scrutiny of the dominating Conservative group.











Joe SalmonJoe is also a Green Party member and activist of long-standing.  If elected, he would welcome the opportunity to bring the views of Moordown residents to the council, and to hold the council to account on social justice and environmental issues.













• Muscliff & Strouden Park - Peter Lucas

Peter is a long-standing and active member of the Green Party and would welcome the chance to hold the council to account on social fairness and environmental issues.

• Newtown & Heatherlands - Adrian Oliver


Adrian OliverAdrian has had a varied career including retail sales, bank clerk, bookkeeping, office management, natural therapies, and a four-year term as a Green Party councillor in London. He lives in Parkstone, has five generations of family living locally and attended Poole Grammar School.

Adrian has been a member of the Green Party since January 1999 and has held many offices within the party during that time - Office and Finance Manager 2001-2005, variously Co-ordinator, Nominations Officer, and Agent for Camden Green Party 2005-2008, Elections co-ordinator and Nominations Officer for South East Dorset Green Party, 2014-2017. He has contested elections as a Green Party candidate in 2002 for Highgate ward, London Borough of Camden; in 2005 for Holborn & St Pancras constituency; in 2006 for Highgate ward, London Borough of Camden (elected for 4 year term); and in 2015 stood for both the local election and as our Parliamentary candidate for Poole constituency in the General Election. 

If elected, he would seek to further the aims of the Green Party and work to improve policy through active debate. He is particularly concerned with ensuring that everyone has a decent living standard, the humane treatment of people and animals, and providing environmentally sound forms of energy to replace the dangerous fossil fuel and nuclear options.

He has experience of working with local residents and community groups and would work hard to represent their views at Council level.


Parkstone - Keith Lawson

Keith LawsonKeith Lawson is a retired college lecturer who is very interested in supporting the local community. He has worked in the Voluntary and Charity Sector, been a Trustee of a local charity, as well as a School Governor and on the committee of 2 Parents-Teachers Associations. Previous careers were in Retailing and it was this work that brought him to Dorset over 30 years ago. His love of the county extends to administrating the Facebook Group "All Things Dorset", photography of wildlife and landscape (which has been greatly used in publications and social media). He joined the Green Party in 2018 and is concerned that the local economy should prosper in an ethical and ecological manner.


Penn Hill - Hannah Macklin

Hannah MacklinHannah Macklin is 34 and grew up on Clifton Road in Penn Hill.  She believes in minimising environmental impact wherever possible, and is a passionate knitter, watcher of wrestling, and reader.  She lives with her husband Colin, two cats and two rabbits and is at her happiest in the sea!







• Queen's Park - Alasdair Keddie and Elizabeth McManus

Alasdair KeddieAlasdair has lived, worked and studied in Bournemouth for 25 years and it is where he has chosen to raise his family. His background is in IT and business. After graduating from Bournemouth University in the 90s, he worked as a technical consultant for IBM; he is now a self-employed consultant working on open source software projects.

He strongly identifies with Green Party policies opposing austerity, defending the NHS, and taking real steps to address climate change. He is a passionate environment campaigner, and long-standing member of Greenpeace. He is experienced in organising fund-raising events and activities, and has led campaigns to stop the destruction of the Indonesian rainforest, and to stop both oil drilling and fracking.

He knows that while Bournemouth is a naturally beautiful place to live, there are serious social problems in some areas. He believes the Green Party’s focus on social justice and equality would serve well in addressing local issues such as housing, unlicensed drug rehabilitation and homelessness.

In 2015 he stood in both the local election and as our Parliamentary candidate for Bournemouth East in the General Election.

“It is time for real change, for the common good”


Elizabeth McManus Elizabeth was born and raised in Poole and moved to Bournemouth 15 years ago. 

An active and passionate member of the community, Elizabeth is involved with green projects such as Slades Farm and not for profit organisations such as The Brownsea Open Air Theatre. 

Elizabeth is the PR Account Director at Bournemouth-based public relations agency, Sunny Bird PR, and has a strong background in marketing having started her career in media at the Bournemouth Echo 14 years ago. Elizabeth is hoping to combine her PR and marketing skills with her love of the community to help Bournemouth move forward into a cleaner, greener and fairer future. 

"Having lived in the local area all my life I am passionate about seeing my hometown progress in the right direction, I would like to see the more vulnerable people in our society listened to and supported as well as many more green initiatives put in place to make Bournemouth not only the UK's best beach resort but also the UK's premier green holiday destination."

Redhill & Northbourne - Martine Smid-Weevers

Martine is an active member of the local party and, if elected, would look forward to representing the views of local residents to the council.

• Talbot & Branksome Woods - Yasmine Osbourne

Yasmine is committed to Green Party ideals and policies, and would welcome the opportunity to help introduce these at council decicions.

Wallisdown & Winton West - Matt Burgess & Chris Henderson

Matt BurgessMatthew was a District Councillor in Devon before moving to Poole & Bournemouth in 2007. He has worked as a Teaching Assistant in Maths and Science at two local secondary schools since living here. He has also worked for the National Rivers Authority and the largest community compost group in England.

He would keenly pursue environmental and social issues as a councillor for the new council and to ensure we have a decent amount of green space, parks and public provisions (eg toilets).

He hopes to be part of a Green group within the council, but as well as being used to working for the benefit of constituents through direct contact, he also been effective in working cooperatively with councillors from other parties and other councils on committees such as Community Services and Waste Reduction and Recycling.  He is married and lives in Winton.


Chris HendersonChris is a mature MA student at Bournemouth University's Talbot Campus, studying Political Psychology. Originally trained in social policy, Chris worked in local government for 8 years, successfully slashing bureaucracy for local charities seeking funding. His community volunteering has included fundraising events, students' union officership, and serving as a trustee of a charity telephone helpline.

Chris has developed innovative, wide-reaching social media videos for Winton's Green Party councillor Simon Bull, increasing awareness of the disastrous Poole Bay oil drilling agenda among other issues. If Chris is elected himself, Wallisdown & Winton West residents will benefit from energetic and engaging two-way engagement with their Green councillors fit for the 21st Century.

Chris's activist interests include mental health, climate change, peace, feminism and democratic reform. Chris says: "I'm passionate about increasing the humanity in the way our organisations and institutions work - bringing out the best in people, not the worst. Power needs to be radically returned to diverse local grass roots, harnessing digital participation and empathic, non-violent, truly respectful community dialogue and negotiation." Local priorities would include improving relationships between student and permanent populations in the area, and healing community relations after the Brexit referendum.

Westbourne & West Cliff - Elizabeth Elwick

Liz ElwoodElizabeth Elwick has lived in Bournemouth for over 22 years and is now very actively retired. Having worked in the health and social all of her working career, she believes that locally led public care services must be available to everyone in our society.  However, a system based on inequality and exploitation is threatening the future of our planet. 

She says “We need to restore the NHS and challenge austerity so that the key role played by the council in providing caring, high quality services to local people is no longer undermined. This is important for everyone and I will work with local networks of support for carers, meeting housing needs, services for older and disabled people, and people with mental health needs.”

Winton East - Simon Bull & Chris Rigby

Simon Bull ProfileSimon Bull is currently the only Green Councillor on BCP Council, and hopes to be re-elected this May. He holds monthly surgeries where residents can discuss their concerns with him, and has worked hard to represent their interests and views. He has brought their issues to Council meetings, where he has achieved many successes for them. He is keen on keeping local amenities that improve residents' quality of life.

Simon runs a locally based national charity and is married with four children. He has lived in the ward since 2004 (almost 15 years).






Chris Rigby Profile

Originally from Merseyside, Chris has lived in Dorset since 2009 when he moved from London to the area for work.

Ten years later he is proud to call this area his home, and to have the opportunity to buy his first property and put down roots.

He is employed as a project manager for a local firm running their projects division who install Solar PV and green roofs amongst other rooftop products. He also regularly attends the green roof organisation (GRO) working group, to develop guidance for installations, and work to promote and regulate the industry.

In 2015 he stood as a Green Party candidate in the local elections.

He is passionate about ensuring the NHS remains in public ownership, fighting against austerity, and ensuring the future protection of our environment. An active environmental campaigner, Chris is a facilitator of a local climate campaign group, and a driving force in community interest group SOS Save Our Shores.

“I believe in working together with other parties, the creation of policies that benefit all, not just the elite, standing up for those who have no voice and promoting the politics of hope not hate."