Green Party pact with Liberal Democrats in Mid Dorset and North Poole

12 May 2017

The South East Dorset Green Party has announced to the media today that it has voted in favour of standing down the candidate in Mid Dorset & North Poole to allow the Liberal Democrats a clear run at attempting to gain the seat.

This follows their response to the open letter we sent to local Liberal Democrat and Labour parties inviting them to meet to discuss possilbe alliances.

We believe at this time they are best placed to gain this seat from the Conservatives and give a voice in Westminster for the protection of the NHS and fight for a fairer voting system.  Our members will be encouraged to vote for their candidate.

It is our hope that this alliance will lead to closer cooperation between our two parties in the next local elections across South East Dorset, where the Green Party will be aiming to increase the number of seats we hold on Bournemouth council and gain our first seats in Poole.

Our thanks go to Elizabeth McManus, the excellent candidate selected for this constituency, and who will continue to help in the election campaign for the other constituencies covered by South East Dorset Green Party.