How do you Engage More People in the Climate Conversation?

16 August 2017

Al Gore in conversationHow do you Engage More People in the Climate Conversation?

That was the question asked by local climate activist Angela Fendley to Al Gore ahead of the film premiere screening of ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’ on 11th August 2017.

The Q & A conversation session took place at the Picturehouse Central in London with Al Gore, which was live-streamed to hundreds of cinemas across the UK.

Angela was eagerly awaiting the start of the event in the Odeon cinema in Bournemouth when she tweeted her question  "How do we reach the masses and engage more people in the climate conversation?"

To her surprise it was the first question chosen, and posed by Liz Bonnin, biochemist and BBC presenter, to Mr Gore, 45th Vice President of the United States.

His response was lengthy but clear.

• First of all learn about the climate crisis
• And then use your voice
• Get involved passionately
• Use your vote
• Let the elected officials know that you want them to do the right thing
• Get individuals together and passionately argue this case
• We need to change laws and policies.

He talked a lot of sense and went on to answer other questions from people around the country, about reducing meat intake (he’s a vegan), about spreading the word, about promising new solutions (solar and wind power), and how he is inspired by grass root activists.

Angela is also inspired by people who are out there actually doing things, and that is why she enjoys being part of the Transition movement. It is also why she’s so keen to promote great local projects through the Sustainable Dorset website, because these initiatives will change the way we think and live, and help protect our future.

You are urged to watch the film. It will remind you of the harsh realities of the climate crisis as seen in the first film, 'The Inconvenient Truth', ten years ago. But it will also give you hope that we now do have solutions to make changes. The stakes are high - this is by far the most serious challenge that is faced by humanity today. Become active, be inconvenient, use your voice, and start conversations.

Judging by his appearances in the UK on all manner of radio and TV programmes this week (including a favourite of Angela’s The Last Leg) it is clear that Al Gore is targeting the masses. He hopes that this film will add another burst of momentum to the climate conversation.

You can watch the Q & A session on youtube.