Candidate selected for By-election in Throop & Muscliff ward of Bournemouth Council

9 January 2018

Due to a casual vacancy, on 18th January 2018 Bournemouth Borough Council will hold a By-election in Throop & Muscliff for a councillor for the ward.

The Green Party candidate is Jane Bull. Jane grew up in Boscombe and attended Kings Park Primary School. She is married and lives with her husband (Councillor Simon Bull) and her four children in Winton. She has a love for the area of Throop and Muscliffe stemming from walks and picnics in the area as a child.

The Council is currently very unbalanced with 51 conservatives, 1 independent (former conservative) and 1 Green. A second Green councillor would make the party the official opposition and enable the party to put forward motions and to do more to hold the conservatives to account.