Local members join The People's Vote march in London

24 March 2019

Local Green Party members joined an estimated one million protesters who came from all corners of the UK to London to demand a fresh referendum on Brexit on Saturday 23rd March.

Local Greens Clean Up

22 March 2019

Simon Bull and Chris Rigby were out with local Green activists doing a litter pick of Winton Recreation Ground again this month.

YouthStrike4Climate demonstration

19 March 2019

Bournemouth’s only Green Party Councillor Simon Bull gave a short speech to the large turnout of amazing young people stepping out of school on Friday 15th March 2019 to stand up for their right to a future.

May 2nd Local Election: Know Your Voting Rights

15 March 2019

EU nationals will be able to vote in the May 2nd council elections. British and British Commonwealth citizens are also eligible to vote. You have to be 18 years old to vote. In general elections, students can vote in their home area OR their university area, and in local elections, students can vote in their home area AND their university area. Everyone must be registered to vote at their current address(es):

1,000 Empty Homes in Bournemouth as Town Rents soar 5% per Year

13 March 2019

Bournemouth Council data shows there are 998 empty homes in the town. However, the Conservative-run council has never used the "empty dwelling management order" powers available to get homes back into use.

Open Letter to Bournemouth Labour Party

11 March 2019

The local Green Party has written an open letter to Bournemouth Labour Party regarding progressive politics in our local area.

Greens leading the way on Climate Action

01 March 2019

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP, speaks in Parliament about climate change.

Major Oil Rush after Bournemouth Beach Test Drilling

01 March 2019

Bournemouth now faces a headlong rush for full-scale long-term new oil drilling, just off our award-winning beach. The test oil rig in Poole Bay discovered 15 million barrels of extractable oil. which if burned will lead to an estimated extra 1.7 million tonnes of carbon emissions.

Parking Enforcement: Bournemouth Council is letting down Winton

21 February 2019

Green Councillor Simon Bull has been receiving complaints from local residents in Winton about parking enforcement. Residents report that monitoring and enforcement isn't happening of double yellow lines, or areas with limited parking time allowed.

Winton Library Gardens Closure: This is no way to run a Tourist Town

19 February 2019

Green Party councillor Simon Bull and local activist Chris Rigby have renewed their calls for the re-opening of Winton Library Gardens.

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