Simon Bull speaks at Bournemouth West hustings - video and transcript

10 December 2019

Simon Bull, Green Party candidate for Bournemouth West in the General Election, attended the oconstituency hustings event last night. The event at West Cliff Baptist Church on 9th December 2019 also featured the other candidates: Conor Burns (Conservative incumbent), David Stokes (Labour), and Jon Nicholas (Lib Dem). Here is a video and a transcript of Simon's opening speech.

Chris Rigby speaks at hustings at Twynham School - video and transcripts

27 November 2019

All four candidates for the Christchurch constituency attended a hustings session at Twynham School on Tuesday 26th November, organised by Christchurch churches, the first of two General Election hustings events in the constituency.

Alasdair Keddie

Walk and Talk at Holdenhurst

18 November 2019

About twenty five people turned out as part of a Bournemouth East Parliamentary Candidate's 'walk and talk' event organised by local environmental action group, Friends of Riverside.

What is a 'climate emergency' and how can we solve it?

16 November 2019

Climate Reality is presenting 24 Hours of Reality: Truth in Action, a global conversation about the truth of the climate crisis and how we solve it. This event, led by local Climate Reality leader and activist, Mark Chivers, is designed for a broad audience; based on the science but accessible to everyone.

New General Election Candidate for Poole

14 November 2019

Following the withdrawal of the candidate for Poole, a new candidate, Barry Harding-Rathbone, has been selected.

Simon Bull: "The climate emergency needs to be the focus of this election"

13 November 2019

Simon Bull, Green Party candidate for Bournemouth West, releases a video to promote his Crowdfunder page for the General Election. He said: "“We are in a climate emergency, as declared by the local council, Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole, and the national government. And when you declare emergency, you need to take immediate steps. It's not something we can kick down the line and look at in a few years' time."

New names for local Green Parties

30 October 2019

Boundary alterations have been made to local Green Parties to reflect Government boundary changes

Natalie Carswell: Why I marched for a people’s confirmatory vote

21 October 2019

It was by accident that the People’s March landed on the same day as this important vote in Parliament, which made what we were doing even more important. I know people are fed up, I understand that we are all exhausted by this painful and divisive issue... But if we throw our hands in the air and don’t care what happens next because it’s easier to just "get it done", democracy dies and our children inherit a future that they will be paying for, for years to come... AGAIN... just like the climate emergency....

Simon Bull addresses well attended #StopBrexit event

13 October 2019

Up to 150 people attended the Bournemouth event of Lord Adonis's #StopBrexit tour on Friday night. Simon Bull (Green candidate for MP in Bournemouth West) spoke on a panel which also included local Labour and Lib Dem candidates and Dorset for Europe campaigners.

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