South East Dorset Green Party contested the General Election in June 2017 with a candidate standing in four of the constituencies we represent - Bournemouth East, Bournemouth West, Christchurch, and Poole.  It has been decided, after discussions with the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mid Dorset and North Poole, that we will support her in this election.  Results of the election can be seen here.

The party made a Dorset-first during the 2015 general elections as they announced a full slate of Green Party MP candidates. The 2015 elections also saw Bournemouth elect its first ever Green Party councillor, Simon Bull of Winton East. Simon commented: “Having run a full slate in 2015, won a council seat and now to be running again in 2017 really shows that the green movement is taking hold across Dorset. People are tired of politics as usual and want to see some changes.”

The South East Dorset Green Party completed its internal nomination process on Wednesday 26th April and ran the following candidates:
Bournemouth East – Alasdair Keddie
Bournemouth West – Simon Bull
Christchurch – Chris Rigby
Poole – Adrian Oliver

The candidate selected for Mid Dorset and North Poole, Elizabeth McManus, stood down to allow the Liberal Democrats a clear run at attempting to gain the seat.

Profiles of the candidates are shown below.


Bournemouth East - Alasdair Keddie

Alasdair KeddieAlasdair is currently South East Dorset Green Party IT officer.  In 2015 he stood in the General Election as Candidate for Bournemouth East and in the Bournemouth Borough Council Elections as Candidate for Queen’s Park.  He has lived in Bournemouth East for just over 20 years, since moving here to study for his degree at Bournemouth University.  He now lives in Charminster with his wife and two daughters.

He says "Standing in 2015 was one of the most exhausting and satisfying experiences of my life and I cannot wait to take everything I have learned and put it in to action. At the last election, we were the only party that stood against austerity, that fought against the fracking of our landscape and we are still the only party that opposes the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system. Many of our flagship policies from 2015 are now mainstream, proving that it is the Green Party that is setting the agenda in progressive politics. It is vital that we take a stand to defend the NHS against profiteering and privatisation. Once again, it is the Green Party who has drafted the NHS Reinstatement bill, which gives a real blueprint for revitalising our Health Service. It is also vital that we fight the “Brexit at any cost” approach of the government and make sure our environment, human rights and trade relationships are protected."

Alasdair can be contacted on or 01202 375572


Bournemouth West - Simon Bull

Simon BullSimon grew up in Surrey, moving to Bournemouth in 1998. He set up and ran an arts charity for fourteen years working with disadvantaged members of the community; prior to that he worked in finance for many years. He is married with two young children and two adult step children and has lived in Bournemouth West for fifteen years. He is a humanist celebrant, conducting non-religious and humanist wedding, funeral and naming ceremonies across Dorset and Hampshire.

Simon has supported the Green Party for many years but was often frustrated at the lack of opportunity to vote for a candidate as often there wasn’t one. When Molly Scott Cato was successful in becoming an MEP three years ago, that was an incentive to join the Green Party, and he expressed an interest in standing as a candidate for the local elections. He was successful, and elected in May 2015 for a four year term as a local councillor, the first councillor for the Green Party in Bournemouth.

As one of only two opposition members, he has his work cut out.  He sits on Children’s Services and Audit & Governance overview and scrutiny panels, Appeals and Planning Boards and is a member of Stokewood Road and Queen’s Park Children’s Centre Advisory Board.

He believes the Green Party has a strong message to get across to people - a message of equality and of hope - and says “Our children, and our children’s children rely on us to leave them a world worth inhabiting, a pollution free world where everyone has opportunities, clean air to breathe and the freedom to enjoy it – we must strive to make this reality.”

Simon can be contacted on


Christchurch - Chris Rigby

Chris RigbyOriginally from Merseyside, Chris has lived in Dorset since 2009 when he moved from London to the area for work. Eight years later and he is proud to call this area his home, and to have the opportunity to buy his first property and put down roots.

He is employed as a project manager for a local firm running their projects division who install Solar PV and green roofs amongst other rooftop products. He also regularly attends the green roof organisation (GRO) working group, to develop guidance for installations, and work to promote and regulate the industry.

In 2015 he had the opportunity to stand as a Green Party candidate in the local elections, and the experience has led him to want to stand again, this time as a MP candidate for Christchurch constituency.

He says "Christchurch has the largest solar PV farm in the UK and the potential for more renewable energy in the area is considerable. With a current MP who has consistently voted against climate change measures and called offshore wind proposals ‘manic’, there needs to be a change to encourage a new dynamic industry to the area, to boost the local economy as well as local sustainability.

"I am standing on four key policies, ensuring the NHS remains in public ownership, fighting against austerity, opposing the Brexit at any cost mentality of the current government, and ensuring the future protection of our environment.  

I believe in working together with other parties, the creation of policies that benefit all, not just the elite, standing up for those who have no voice and promoting the politics of hope not hate."

Chris can be contacted on


Poole - Adrian Oliver

Adrian OliverAdrian has been a member of the Green Party since January 1999 and has held many offices within the party during that time - Office and Finance Manager 2001-2005, variously Co-ordinator, Nominations Officer, and Agent for Camden Green Party 2005-2008, Elections co-ordinator and Nominations Officer for South East Dorset Green Party, 2014-2017.  He has contested elections as a Green Party candidate in 2002 for Highgate ward, London Borough of Camden; in 2005 for Holborn & St Pancras constituency; in 2006 for Highgate ward, London Borough of Camden (elected for 4 year term); and in 2015 for Poole constituency and Newtown ward, Borough of Poole. 

He has been involved in complimentary healthcare for over 20 years and is also a part-time courier using his electric car.

He says “I have co-ordinated two successful election campaigns resulting in the election of three Green councillors; and instigated a change in South East Dorset Green Party local party election strategy, which led to the election of the first Green councillor in Dorset (Simon Bull in Winton East, 2015).” 

Adrian can be contacted on