Help the Green Party 2019 General Election campaign in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Green Party's General Election candidatesThe Green Party's prospects in a General Election have never looked stronger... but we need more help to run a strong local ground campaign to ride the #GreenWave.

Here are the ways you can help Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Green Party during the campaign for the General Election to be held on 12th December 2019... If you can help, please just email the appropriate address on the right-hand side (on desktop/tablet devices) or at the bottom (mobile devices).

Can't give time? You can still help the local Green Party campaign by donating to a local campaign fund, right up to polling day. [More info/Donate now...]

We also have more general information about getting involved in the local Green Party.

Display a Vote Green window poster and/or garden stakeboard

Vote Green garden stakeboardVote Green window posterIf you're Green, say you're Green... and grow our visibility where you live. People who may be considering voting Green are reassured and encouraged when they can see that neighbours are doing the same. 

Help deliver Green Party leaflets

BCP General Election leaflet 2019 side 1We have volunteers delivering bundles of Green Party election leaflets door-to-door, street by street, in their own time.

If you could just leaflet your own street, that would make a real difference. If you could be a roving leafleter, ready to travel to a different neighbourhood to deliver leaflets where we're most in need, that would be even better.

To make the above possible, we also require leafleting bases - volunteers around BCP who are able to take a number of bundles of leaflets, and then distribute them bundle by bundle to volunteers close to you that we'll put you in contact with.

Attend a campaign Action Day/Evening

Green members and supporters attending an Action Day[updated Fri 6th Dec]

Come and campaign in a group, meet your local candidate and other local Greens. We have further Action Days coming up in Bournemouth East, Bournemouth West and Poole:

Bournemouth East: Sat 7th Dec,  action afternoon 1pm-4.30pm, leafleting in Boscombe. Meet at a member's house from 1pm for 1.30pm, leafleting till dusk, followed by refreshments and social chat back at base. Email for base location, sent by email to party members in Bournemouth.

Poole: Sat 7th Dec, in Penn Hill, 10.30am for 11am till 5pm. Meet at Kerry's Kitchen on Bournemouth Road (opposite Grasshopper). [Details and RSVP on Facebook...]

Bournemouth West: Sun 8th Dec, in Winton, 9.30am-5.00pm, email for base location. [Further details and RSVP on Facebook...]

[You do not need a Facebook account to view Facebook event pages.] 

Help us knock on doors and talk to voters

A Green team out on Bournemouth's streets earlier this yearKnocking on doors and having one-to-one conversations with ordinary voters is proven to make a difference in election campaigns. Can you help us as a canvasser? We go out in groups for two hours at a time. Full instructions are available to newcomers, and we'll pair you with an experienced hand. 


Help on polling day, Thursday 12th December

Polling stationOn polling day, Thursday 12th December, we will have 'tellers' stationed outside as many polling stations as possible, wearing a Green rosette and politely asking voters for their ID number.

From mid-afternoon we will also start Get Out The Vote - 'knocking up' known supporters who have not been crossed off at their polling station, to remind them that today is the day to vote Green. (Easy short script provided!)

Help at the election count, overnight on Thursday 12th December

Election countWe are looking for counting agents to attend the election count on election night, Thursday 12th December. All five BCP constituencies are being counted at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC).

There are two parts to the counting agent role:

  • Verification of votes is done face up, allowing the votes from each ballot box to be tallied.  This is the only time we can determine how votes have been cast in each of the polling districts.  It'll also give us a reasonable idea of how we've fared in the wards we're able to tally the votes for. 
  • Monitoring the count.  Here we are ensuring that votes for us aren't assigned to someone else, drawing the counter's attention to any errors.  If a vote for another party is assigned to us it's up to that party's counting agents to notify the counters.

If you would like to volunteer at the election count, please email - deadline 5pm, Tues 3rd Dec.

Help with design, videography or digital media

YouTube logoTwitter logoFacebook logoOur Media & Comms Working Group is seeking skilled designers, videographers, copywriters and sub-editors to help with our candidates' literature and digital media presence during the busy election campaign. We use Slack channels to coordinate this work and your commitment is flexible. Email - sight of your CV or portfolio would be appreciated.


If you can help in any of these ways, please just email the appropriate address on the right-hand side (on desktop/tablet devices) or below (mobile devices).

Vote Green!

Email your local General Election campaign team

Let us know how you can help:

  • Display a window poster
  • Display a garden stakeboard
  • Leaflet my local streets
  • Roving leafleting
  • Leaflet collection point for other volunteers
  • Canvassing
  • Attend Action Day/Evening
  • Polling day help
  • Election count help

Bournemouth East:

Bournemouth West:



Mid Dorset & North Poole:

Skilled media/comms help (based anywhere):

Election count help: - deadline 5pm, Tues 3rd Dec.